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Levitex – the frictionless revolution 

The engineers at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies have come very close to the vision of a frictionless seal: The Levitex crankshaft seal creates an air cushion that seals the engine compartment with virtually no friction. Levitex can thus reduce the CO2 emissions of vehicles by 0.5 to 1 gram per kilometer. And because less friction also means less wear, Levitex ensures a prolonged operating life expectancy.


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Claus Möhlenkamp


"Our gas-lubricated Levitex mechanical seal is a revolution in sealing technology. The sliding surfaces run on a cushion of air, resulting in 90 percent fewer frictional losses than a conventional crankshaft seal. This allows us to reduce the CO2 emissions in driving operation by up to 1 gram per kilometer."

Claus Möhlenkamp
Chief Executive Officer of Freudenberg Sealing Technologies



Levitex is extremely pressure resistant. Modern engines operating at greater pressures place extreme demands on the load-bearing capacity. Leading European car manufacturers have tested Levitex for pressure stability in both positive and negative pressure conditions – with convincing results. The sealing rings are specially coated for wear and friction reduction from startup. The tests showed that this allows many thousand start/stop cycles under extremely severe conditions.

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The revolutionary Levitex seal reduces the power loss compared to a PTFE crankshaft seal by up to 90 percent. Mechanical friction no longer exists – only the shearing of the air creates a trace of resistance. The result: less fuel consumption, less wear, longer service life and CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 1 g/km.

Less wear and longer service life

Less is more: Levitex has no sealing lip which can wear out, and the sealing surfaces can never run dry. The revolutionary concept of Levitex consists of a stationary and a rotating unit. Both seals are provided with an extremely robust coating and withstand even the extreme challenge of Arizona dust. Temperatures between -40 and +150 °C cannot harm Levitex. And even the dreaded wading tests of OEMs, with water crossings and idleness in water, are passed without problems by Levitex.

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LESS – Low Emission Sealing Solutions

Sealing technology opens up enormous potential for making sustainable contributions to the mobility of today and tomorrow. In our LESS Initiative (Low Emission Sealing Solutions), we combine product innovations focused on reducing friction, emissions, installation spaces, and weights. Sealing solutions for engines, transmissions, and alternative powertrains benefit from our unique material expertise.

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Simulation of pressure buildup over a typical range of speeds

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The gas-lubricated mechanical face seal is a very low-friction solution. It has already proved successful in turbochargers in the auto industry.

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The Levitex seal is a cost-optimized, dry gas seal, which can be assembled on a combustion engine crankshaft in place of a conventional oil seal. This concept of dry gas sealing is already in mass production in many different applications, e. g., steam turbines, turbo chargers, and compressors.



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