Levitex® – The Friction Free Future is Here

Freudenberg’s flagship Levitex® Seal is a transportation game-changer. Engineered with unprecedented technology, this gas-lubricated mechanical face seal cuts powertrain friction by 90 percent and lowers CO2 emissions by up to 1 g of CO2 per kilometer during driving compared to standard PTFE crankshaft seals. Mechanical friction is virtually eliminated — only the shearing of the air creates a trace of resistance.

The result: less fuel consumption, less wear and a longer service life in conventional combustion engines and hybrid/ electric powertrains.

Graphic with the message: 1.2 million seals per year

Mass Production

The sophisticated product design and superior friction performance of Levitex® seal reached a full industrialization process: The seal is currently in mass production for high-volume diesel engines, with the main accomplishment of significant CO2 emission reduction.
Now, with Levitex® production at full capacity, the advantages of this gas-lubricated mechanical face seal are widely available for other powertrain applications.

Claus Moehlenkamp

Claus Möhlenkamp - Chief Executive Officer of Freudenberg Sealing Technologies

Often Invisible.
Always Essential.

"Our gas-lubricated Levitex mechanical seal is a revolution in sealing technology. The sliding surfaces run on a cushion of air, resulting in 90 percent fewer frictional losses than a conventional crankshaft seal. This allows us to reduce the CO2 emissions in driving operation by up to 1 gram per kilometer."

Efficiency Provides a Boost to EVs

Levitex® offers important advantages in range-versus-size battery decisions. Depending on the vehicle, the seal’s efficiency facilitates use of smaller batteries to achieve a targeted range or use of an existing battery to gain even more range. The higher the vehicle range, the more potential savings Levitex® can generate. Levitex® seals open up enormous potential for making sustainable contributions to the mobility of today and tomorrow.

Less Wear and Longer Service Life

Less is more: Levitex® has no sealing lip that can wear out, and the sealing surfaces never run dry. The seal’s revolutionary design consists of both stationary rotating rings. Each is protected with a robust surface coating that withstands environmental extremes from fine desert dust to standing water. The seal performs flawlessly in temperatures ranging from -40 to +150 °C.

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Levitex video preview image shows an engine

Levitex Revolutionizes Engine Seals

The only frictionless seal

Watch the video

Stable Performance and Bidirectional Design for High-Speed Applications

Levitex®’s unique structure consists of a stationary unit and a rotating unit. The design on the rotating unit forces air in between. Starting at 300 RPM, the stress and compression of air begin to create internal pressure that separates the two units, creating a stable air gap.
High-precision microstructuring allows an excellent bidirectional friction behavior and offers dynamic sealing performance.
Watch the simulation of pressure buildup over a typical range of speeds.

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies Automotive Mobile

High Load-Bearing Capacity

Levitex® is extremely pressure resistant. Its rings are coated to achieve an optimal reduction in seal wear and friction. Leading European car manufacturers have tested Levitex® for pressure stability under both positive- and negative-pressure conditions with excellent results. These tests demonstrate that Levitex® supports thousands of start/stop cycles under extremely severe conditions.

A large gear as a preview image for the video LevitexCar - Installation of the Levitex Seal from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies

Making-of LevitexCar

Learn more about the installation of the Levitex seal.

Watch the video

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